Looking for slip yoke options


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May 23, 2021
What options do we have for a high strength 2004r slip yoke for the stock u-joint size?

I picked up a 3.5 steel drive shaft locally last year and had new u-joints(stock size) and a Neapco slip yoke installed. I only have a handful of passes on it and the times are in my sig. 60ft in the 1.56 to 1.58 range.

While doing some other work to the car today I had to remove the driveshaft, and it wouldn't slide forward making it a pain to get off. I knew something was wrong and sure enough the splines are twisted.

I have the car running much better than it was when I ran the times in my sig, I'm hoping to drop 3 tenths and push the 60ft harder here in a few weeks when the track opens, but I need soothing that will hold up.

What are my best options here?

Option 1:
I still have the stock driveshaft, are those good for low 1.5 60 ft?

Option 2:
Find a stronger slip yoke for this 3.5" driveshaft that I have.

Option 3:
Get an aftermarket drive shaft with upgraded parts and replace the yoke on the rear as well and be done with it?

I don't plan to race this car extensively, but would like to a few times a year.


The U-Joint is the weak spot, not the yoke.

Find a yoke and pinion that upgrades you to the 1350s, get a driveshaft made to take them, fuggedaboutit.
I put a Denny's 3" nitrous ready in my car .