Accufab AFPR problems

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May 29, 2001
I just finished putting the car back together (the engine anyway) and went to start it up....for some ungodly reason my Accufab is leaking from the "tamper-proof" torx-head bolts around the perimeter of the housing (housing is not cracked). The fuel is seeping out from right under the heads of the bolts. I had taken the fuel rail off and removed the regulator when I installed the new 009's, but didn't touch any of the housing bolts (mostly because I don't have the tool and there was no need to anyway).

It never leaked before and I even lowered my FP to 43psi (line off).

On top of that, it won't adjust any lower than that. Anyone know what could have happened?
I don't know why it would be leaking there, but i did need to replace an O-ring when i installed mine. That may be a place to check. Let us know what you find out.
I did replace the O-ring, I took the unit off the fuel rail to check everything out and re-installed it. Now it's only leaking out of one of the housing bolts.

A good friend of mine has a set of the torx bits that are required to tighten the bolts (those damn tamper-proof ones :mad:). He's gonna grab it from work tomorrow and stop by on Wednesday night to try and tighten it up.


For some reason it stopped leaking. Maybe the diaphragm was dried out from being out of the car for a month?? I don't know. But it doesn't leak anymore, and I'm gonna keep an eye on it to be safe.

The O-rings from the fuel rail and the one at the bottom going into the return line were shot, so I replaced them while I was at it.

My Accufab did the exact same thing...had removed the FPR when I put in a new cam...didn't do anything to it...put it back on and it leaked around some of the torx screws...noticed that a few of the screws were barely finger tight...I took it apart to see if anything
was wrong but it looked fine...put it back together and haven't had any problems since...just add that to the list of normal maintenance items...periodically tighten the torx screws on the FPR...