Adding a fuse block


Mar 28, 2005
Was gonna add a fuse box for my gauges an a few others. The question is where do I grap power from? I was thinking the back stud of the altanator? mike
Use a switched source off the existing fuse block, your gauges will draw very little amps. I did mine with a $10 dollar fuse block from AZ.
I got mine at an electrical store and used a spade connector in one of the empty ports in the original fuse box...mine has spots for eight fuses...I ooked up my scanmaster,gauges,and line lock.....
Yes, you need a switched power source. I took mine off of one of the IGN ports on the existing fuse panel. The gauges, etc will draw very little. I did get it's ground from a good ground block I have in the engine bay that is attached to the block. I got my fuse block from GNS.