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LOL funny on thread above me

This past spring I was in my Stinkray.

I had seen kid around in his beat down 71 chevelle the motor sounds healthy but the car is ratty and he's always burnin rubber in the neighborhood.

Caught me at light and i had seen state boy sitting at store up road but he didnt, took off like bat and i kept up just enough to bait him in, i leveled off at posted speed and he locked em up as soon as he seen cop..too late he had to been doin 70 in a 45...i turned off real quick.

Few days later i getting gas in the 61 and he pulled up, exhaust uncorked (remember for later in story) stupid look at the 61 and "is that thing supoosed to be fast" of them roll eyes and go pugh I said NO its supposed to be numbers correct which it is.

I just had to poke a stick at him at that point. Told him i seen that guy in the blue vette bait him into a ticket, he started laying down a bunch of expletitives about that guy in vette, about he gonna find him and kick the livin crap outta him which was funny untill he said he would slash the tires and key the car cause he knew where he (I) lived

Then all hell broke loose,

Told him his ego was writing checks his body and his car couldnt cash this that and the other if he wanted a piece of this 40 yr old man come and get it blah blah blah, his buddy jumped out, i said oh your the tough one, ive seen bigger arms on a clock, told em both... good two on its even almost went down i was so mad my veins were popping outa my head, drew a crowd, then a state boy pulled up...doubt it was same one who pulled him over but woulda been funny told us both to get outta here...only told me once, i knew kid was trying to cork it back up but cop said as soon as he fired it up and the look on the cops face.....another ticket

Now a few weeks back he pulled upto me at light, i rolled down my window and asked him if he wanted to run, told him i think your buddy is in parking lot up the road waiting on

He was like Wha? then he took off like a bat...kid will never learn but he aint been near my house.

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Should start a thread of past big fish storys
that kid needs to go buy a honda. his attitude would fit a little better, and the tickets might not be as expensive. ;)
That is HILARIOUS! You got that stupid kid 2 tickets! lol. Plus, he didnt even know it was you the first time too! I would have had a laugh for 3 hours if I had witnessed all of that.... This is the best kill Ive ever read lol. His record is off to a brilliant start I see. lol.
Not long back i was driving down a street and seen that same rusty wombat sitting on side of a house on blocks so my guess he prolly was showing his friend how high it could rev while NOT under much for that crate motor and his 2 years of paychecks from taco bell eh:biggrin:
yup, takes money to play and more to keep playing and since i live in flint i aint got much, hell i can bearly keep one on the road let alone 10 like some folks on this site but mines runnin pretty strong