Adjustable Boost regulator...


Jul 30, 2007
Hey guys,

what's happening!! Well is a great morning so far, just to say the least. Anyhow, around 5:15 this morning on my way to work my neighbor decides to follow me and play... He has a Mazda 6 and I guess they come with turbo, I really don't know much about them. Anywho, we are going at it and we are side to side. Keep in mind that I'm half way on the gas pedal, so the car is doing about 15 lbs of boost and as we go to a stop he asks if that's all she has... I told him the truth and said maybe, but I was only half way on the gas pedal...

Well, after that long story I wanted to know if the adjustable boost regulator is a good tool to have or should I go the old fashion way?

Steve, told me that now that I have the TT chip I can bring the boost up a bit and I wanted to that but, I'm concerned with knock issues and I rather have a knock gauge just for piece of mind. So I'm asking all of you first (virginia locals) before I take this at the national level... :)

Sorry for the long post...
I'd invest in a scanmaster instead of a knock gauge.....Your car should handle 17 on 93 octane if all is well..;)
If you haven't done the fuel pump and hotwire you need that before you up the boost. And a scanmaster for knock,otherwise you are playing with fire. Then an RJC boost controler.