Adjustable wastegauge question?

Favian Cuevas

Jun 26, 2015
Well i just finished converting my tr to intercooler setup from a 87gn but i have a question on the wastegate solenoid i dont have one can i just run a vacuum line fom my turbo to my adjustable wastegate ??
You can but you'll be limited by the spring in the actuator. Have you considered a manual boost controller? I think RJC sells one and some folks make their own.
Hmm ama have to check them out thanks i just dont want to mess anything up i just got it running after the conversion
Yeah, I think running a hose straight over will give you 12-14 on a stock actuator and 18 or so on an HD actuator.
I'm not that familiar with running it like that. I'm sure you could get some more out of it by shortening the rod but I can't tell you how much.
Yeah, there are several lines you can tie into. Just make sure you're on the manifold side of any check valves.
The vacuum block on top of the engine...follow the lines off of there and tap into one of those. Make sure you don't cross to the other side of any of the check valves.
try hooking the adj wastegate straight to the turbo (some call it tuner style I think) and see what kind of boost you get and adjust from there. I was able to get 19-20 with the rod all the way shortened. it works fine for the street, I ran it like this for a while until I went to a bigger turbo and external gate.