Advice for low 10's (shocks/tires) needed

You can get away with a single adjustable on the front at that power level but a dbl adjustable is best for the rear like has been said. You want a looser extension and tighter compression IF the instant center is right. You want to plant the tire and avoid it rebounding off the ground.

For the front your at the level where you can benefit from something better than comp engineering. You need the extension tighter to avoid it rising to fast and bouncing off the bump stops. If the car moves about 10-20 ft then spins you know your front end is loose. You want to run full travel and let the shock control front end rise rate.

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Thanks Dusty,

Since I grabbed these shocks for next to nothing I'll start here by adjusting the front to the tightest setting. I'll be tempted in the near future to purchase a quality set of coil overs for adjustability, weight savings etc.

I'll send you a PM as I'd like to get your thoughts on my convertor (PTC-9-TH02SL).

Got quite a bit done this weekend.

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Good weekend to get started on going through the car. Pulled the rear end, cleaned and painted while installing the adjustable upper control arm mounts. Pulled the brakes apart and ordered all the pieces to do the old long brake shoes and S10 wheel cylinders swap (for the street). Pulled the hardened axles and waiting on the long screw in studs. Inspected everything and trying to decide on what gear oil to out back in (G80 posi). Got a lot of other small jobs done and since I prefer badging on the cars installed new fender and hood emblems. Still a long way to go though I think we will have her rolling this fall.
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