AEM digital wideband gauge/Controller mint


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Jul 2, 2018
I got another AEM digital wideband UEGO Complete kit. That I removed from a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000Gt that I’m bringing back to stock size turbos and injectors (so I can sell it I’m selling a lot of my toys now so my wife will have some money just Incase this cancer gets the.better of me). I removed all the gauges and they are all up for sale. But this thread is only for the complete wideband kit even comes with instructions. All you need is to weld a bung into your downpipe or if welding isn’t your thing you can purchase a device made by AEM called a weld less bung. I installed a few of them over the years basically you drill a hole in the downpipe and it’s a band with an adhesive that permanently seals the deal as soon as the engine reaches operating temperature. I recommend you use it and they are adjustable as well as coming in different clamp diameter sizes. So there’s that.

Ok on to what I’m selling. You will receive
-AEM wideband digital gauge controller
-Bosch Genuine wideband heated oxygen sensor (I sh!t you not I used to install gauges for ppl when I lived in ny and I can sleep at night and say no more then 1000 miles on it and it shows. Only seen 93 octane hydrocarbons you will get a long long life out of this sensor)
-power harness that has an output to use with an AEM standalone ecu should you choose too. I never known anyone to do so
-very long uncut, un burned, clean not full of Grease, and not all hacked up oxygen sensor signal harness from the sensor connector right to the back of the gauge.
-black faceplate
-white faceplate
-black bezel
-grey bezel
-and the original hard copy instructions booklet.

$125 shipped via priority mail anywhere in the us.

Usps post office money order is the only form of payment I can accept I’m sorry I closed out my PayPal after I was burned by a BMW s1000rr owner on the s1000rr forum. If u want the whole story please look at my first powermaster unit sale thread. 99% of the time I ship the same day I receive the money order. When I ship it I cash your money order it the same transaction using your money order to pay the shipping and the rest is my payment. Usps is the only place that will cash it for free and not make me wait for it to clear.
Once you agree to send me a money order I will give you my phone number as well so you can always reach me. I always answer calls from my customers.

This is a very important mod to have in any car especially a turbo car. It can show you small problems early before that cascade into major issues with lean conditions that can end in catastrophic engine failure. Trust me you want this. This air fuel ratio should be a mandatory factory issued part on all forced induction vehicle.

Thank you for reading
Att buy this before May 24th and get a Kirban’s guide to 1986-1987 Buick turbo regals paperback great condition. Only thing was it has my name in the first page. Because I would take it to work with me and sometimes would forget to take it with me. But anyway buy my gauge at asking price. Send me the money order via priority with a tracking number and I’ll send you this book free with the gauge kit. Not looking to sell the book separately. It’s a gift to my customer.


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I'll take the gauge and book my friend....send me your info and I will get it out to you.
William j Fusco Jr
1250 woodcrest drive
Apt 6204
Daytona Beach FL 32114

Please send it priority with a tracking number. I’ll eat the $7 if that’s an issue. I need it ASAP because I need to ship it out before I leave for ny on Wednesday.
Prayers sent. Kick that shits ass. I hate hearing the C word
Hey thanks man. Honestly I know that this is gunna sound morbid but I’m fine with it. I read quite a few stories about sellers taking money from buyers and then kicking that “I was in the hospital” crap and stalling and stalling hoping that the buyer would just forget about it. Well that’s me in real life this past 6 month (only difference is I always had my wife ship my packages whenever I wind up in the hospital) but even tho mesothelioma will always get the better of you and never looses I kinda knew it was comin and have a small feeling of relief that there is finally a documented diagnosis. Now I need yo go back to nyc for further testing at fdny headquarters and then to NYU hospital in Manhattan to get a game plan together and figure out my options. But I intend to fight this and go down swinging. The hardest part about this is I’m worried about my wife. I still haven’t told her about the calcium deposits on my lungs from my last chest X-rays. I don’t want to upset her but I do need this diagnosis to be confirmed in my medical records because I worked from 9/11/01 12 hours a day 6 days a week till February of 2002 in the south tower collapse, on the pile, in the battery park morgue, and the debris site on Travis, Staten Island so I absolutely need it to be written up as service connected in my charts so that my wife and family are protected with continued coverage of my health insurance as well as enough compensation so that she can live comfortably without the stress of worrying about money like I do everyday.
But me personally I’m ok with my fate. The way I look at it i narrowly escaped death when I went back for more civilians I was at the first tree in the courtyard when the collapse started and I ran as fast as I could down Church st and dove under an abandoned bus with my last civilian that bus was crushed by debris but I swear on my child I lost , that bus saved both our lives so the way I see it I was supposed to die that day and since then I’ve just been playing with house money. So I’m ok with whatever happens but I’m scared because it will destroy my wife as well as my much older sister who was like a 2nd mom to me when my dad died when I was a child.
But, I’ll let everyone know right now I’m not perfect. I try to be but I’m not. I bought parts that I needed from a member up here who will remain Anonymous i asked him to please hold these parts till such day when I get my pension and wtc social security disability. So we started taking about 9/11 and he was nice enough to ship them early to me before my agreed on payment date and he threw in a special gift. So the day I’m supposed to pay him comes and I’m in Halifax hospital intubated with severe asthma. And I couldn’t tell my wife I spent another $250 on parts that weren’t an emergency so I told her to get a Money order for $50 out to the seller while I was still in the hospital and she did. 2 days later I sent out another Money order for the remainder in a regular envelope both sent straight form the post office and both never got to the seller. Now I have the receipts and stubs and even I would feel I’m being played if I was the seller. And he wasn’t happy. The seller who will remain nameless because I honestly don’t blame him for being pissed because it looks very suspicious 2 separate Money orders getting lost in the mail. After about an hour of trying to explain to him that if I was trying to steal from him I would not have said i sent 2 money orders and after explaining to him that I never asked him to send me the parts prior to payment, I only asked him to hold them till payment comes to him. Thank God he found it in his heart to give me till the 22nd (this Wednesday) when my next disability goes in my account again to send him another money order. And I’m working with the post office to get refunds on those money orders (nobody cashed them so he legitimately did not get either one) and I know how it looks to the seller. But all I can do is hope that when he gets his payment that he forgives me because I love this platform and this seller has the seniority and clout to have me gone. So I’m hoping that all this will be behind me after he is paid off. But one thing nobody can ever say about me. I never run from anyone. I’ll always answer my phone and text messages. I spoke to him on the phone 7 hours after I got home from another visit to the hospital and I let him tell me how he feels about me. I let him get his anger out and I listened to him and I seriously felt like shit because he thought or still thinks I stole the parts from him.
This is why I ask for all money orders to be sent by usps priority mail with a tracking number and I cash your money order in the same transaction as the shipping of the package. Tomorrow morning Im shipping the turbo,converter, Alky kit, boost controller, scanmaster, and everything else except for the timing cover that I sold to Cyrus72 because just as I finished up his EB porting mod I noticed the head of one of the water pump bolts was broken off so I need to deal with that before I ship it. But rick knows me and knows that im a man of my word. So I know a lot of ppl use fake health issues to stall the delivery of goods but me personally I would cut off these hands before I ever steal from anyone especially a brother who also owns a TB.
Sorry for the long story I’m very stressed out tonight just laying down next to my wife worried about what she’s Gunna do seriously after this gets the better of me. I cannot picture my wife with another man OMG lol.

Have a blessed day guys. I love venting to y’all. This way I can stay Anonymous as nobody knows what each other looks like.
Sold and shipped
I have one more gauge/Controller and power harness only for $75 shipped lower 48