Rest In Peace
May 25, 2001
At 11.8, I get really great performance, but the instant I drop off to like 11.6, things get doggie.
Just curious what others might be running, and if they nose over performance wise, that suddenly, and if at about that AFR.
If I'm a little too rich a slight incrase in boost also leans things down to perfect again.
On a chassis dyno, my best turned out to be 12.1:1. Richer and I slowed down.

(You also have to consider the small variability of the O2 sensors, but that was where mine wound up based on my sensor)

Note: I have an NA car, not turbo.

-Bob C.

Do you run an EGT gauge when performing these tests ? If so what are the readings for each fuel ratio (11.8 11.6)?