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Up for sale is an old school audio system from my 87 Buick GN. I am removing it this weekend and will either be selling it complete on here or piecing it out on Ebay. The system works great and at time of install cost well over 5k. It is comprised of:

1. Custom amp rack with 3 Rockford Fosgate Punch 150's. Amp rack sits in driver side fender area.
2. Sony Mobile ES 10 Disk CD Changer. Mounted in amp rack.
3. Sony Mobile ES Pre-Amp 21 Band Equalizer (XDP-210EQ). Mounted behind amp rack.
4. Sony Mobile ES CD Player Head Unit (CDX-C90). Comes with remote and mounting plate for GN.
5. Custom subwoofer box with MTX 15" subwoofer installed. Fits in shelf area behind seat in trunk.
6. All cables (RCA and communications cables) hooked to amp except power and remote turn on lead.

The head unit face plate can no longer be removed. I had to permanently affix after the small clip behind the unit broke. Does not change operation of unit.

I will entertain all offers above $2,000. The head unit is considered by most audiophile's to be the best ever built and will come up on Ebay from time to time for over $750. The amps usually sell for more than $250.

As I have previously stated, everything works as it should. However, there is no warranty on this equipment. I will take a video and many pictures prior to removal showing correct operation. I can email video and pictures...


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SO, I have been sent quite a few questions about the system and want to answer those questions here.

1. Why am I getting rid of the system? I am returning the car back to factory state. When I installed all of this equipment back in the 90's I neatly wrapped and boxed up all of the original equipment. (Concert II system - Head Unit, Dash Speakers, Door Speakers, and Rear Deck Speakers)

2. Does the system come with all cables? It will come with all of the cables except the 2 gauge power lead, 2 gauge ground lead, and the 12 gauge signal lead. These can be purchased at any dept store including Walmart.

3. Is the system damaged or show excessive wear? The system is in perfect working condition and only shows signs of minor wear. Remember the system is used and is about ~+20 years old.

4. Will I ship the system? I will not ship the system as it is very heavy and it would be tough to package. I am flexible enough to meet someone within 100 miles of my house. This of course would be at my scheduling discretion.

5. Would I accept less than $2,000 dollars. Absolutely not!!! The system works flawlessly and is a direct fit for probably all G-Body cars. While I would not want to part the system out, I will not give the system away. For anyone who knows high end audio you realize this is a steal. I was looking on Ebay today and there are 2 of these Sony Head Units selling for more than $1,000 each (they rarely come up for sale). Also, I noticed a Rockford Fosgate amp selling for more than $200.

6. Do you have pictures? I have a few pictures I took last night with videos. If you are interested please send a personal message with your email address and I will reply...

I love and appreciate these cars just as all GN / Turbo Regal owners should. That is the main reason for selling the system on this board first. I would much rather sell the system to someone who could use it as I originally designed. If I receive more questions I will post back.

bro no offense but ur dreaming!!!! thats old out dated shit. ull be lucky to get $500 for that. in fact, a $1000 today will get you a far better system then wat ur offering. take that to Fleabay where it belongs smh
Dude. You are way off. Those head units can be had for less than $300 and the punch 150 goes for under $150. You have nice equipment but it's more of collector and audiophile type stuff. You prices are off by a huge margin. Please remove my post if not allowed but I feel I needed to say something. I have been in the car audio game since the 90s and I am a collector myself. Don't go on here trying to hose someone with these msrp prices from decades ago. I currently have 2 of those punch 150s and 1 of those head units in my collection.

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Thanks for all of the kind words from everyone!!!


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