Air Dam/Spoiler Part#


Buick Diecast Nut
Jan 21, 2002
There's a spoiler?/air dam? between the intercooler scoop and the right and left air dams that runs the width of the under carriage. It's made out of the same material as the air dams and has a slight cut out for the intercooler scoop in it. Is this still available from GM and does anyone have this part #? Thanks in advance for the help.
Those have been discontinued for about 10 years now. You might have to try Brian Weaver but he posted in a thread a couple of months ago that they are impossible to find in good condition. Post in the parts wanted forum, ask for bweavy.
Thanks for the heads up...Brian e-mailed me about it, so I'm going to shoot him one back.
Thanks again,
Looked there already and the Turbo Regal website but never even found a part number for it. Going to get one from BWeavy.