alcohol storage?


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Jan 15, 2003
I have this red gas container I got from walmart.

I put my methanol in there, when I open the cap after a day it will give a big "psssh". Why is that?

Also when I used this container to store gasoline, it was almost empty and I kept it in my shed, few months later I open it and it made the venting sound and I could pour out noticably more liquid that seems to be water? I was wondering if my container somehow draw in water or what?
Put a blow off valve on it

Vapor.. just the same reason you shouldnt inhale it :rolleyes:

Just like when you eats lots of beans.. :D
As for the water...over a period of time, heating/cooling of ambient air can cause condensation formation (especially when the container is less than full, therefore leaving a "layer" of moisture-laden air at the top). That's why pilots are trained to ALWAYS "top off" fuel tanks after flights if the aircraft is going to be sitting for a time. Sump petcocks designed for that very purpose...checking for/draining water during pre-flight inspections. Amazing how much can accumulate under certain conditions. As a result I never got the urge to "experiment" with that type of "water injection" on my plane. :D
Sorry...started rambling there....TMI