Alignment help needed


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I replaced the whole front suspension on my Buick
New bmr lower control arms, qa1 coil overs,
ball joints, Also replaced the inner and outer tie rods,idler arm, center link and sway bar end links.
The only thing I didn’t replace was the upper control arm bushings
Matched up the new and old tie rods Length
So the toe wasn’t crazy off
But the alignment wasn’t great before anyway.

Then I took it to a local alignment shop
And they said they couldn’t align it
And that these cars need high dollar alignments if he could do it
(I will attach a photo of the reading)

Need to know from the readings
does it look like I did something wrong
When putting it back together

Thanks for the help


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A common issue is the ft x-member has sagged in toward the engine.
I've had 2 that required the offset upper a - arm shafts.
Car been wrecked?