Alky Control makes GM High Tech in the march 06 issue!!! :)


pa turbo buick racing
Man what great feadback for Razor :biggrin:

Here is the little blurb thats in the magazine
Imagine runing sky-high boost and timing numbers with a full on race computer chip- with only rpumium fuel in your Turbo Buick's tank! That kind of automotive web dream is reality, thanks to alky injection. Sure, there is a learning curve associated with this type of tuning, but the fact remains that an all-inclusive alky kit sells below $500- and can provide insane power gains when tuned proberly.

The CATCH: tuning this stype of system cna be challenging, and just like in yor favorite watering hole, if the alky runs out suddently, its not pretty.



APPROX HP gain/et reductonP 100 hp

Cost: $495
Cost Versus gain: $4.95 dollar per hp :eek:

The article is about the top 10 budget bolt ons for the lc-2.

I HIGHLY recomend buying this issue there is a ton of cool stuff in it and I havent even read any of it really just flipped trew it :eek:
Thats What I'm Talken About!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome Amigo, Keep Up The Good Work!!!!!!!!

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