Alky in a hot-air car ?'s


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Well i purchased a SMC alky kit used and want to install in my 85 GN. Has anyone heard or seen any bad results from plumbing into the CAI? Will this cause problems? If so should i put it in the turbo adapter? Any input is appreciated.
Unless you want to buy a new turbo i would not put it in the cai. Liquids do not compress so you will mess up your comp wheel. Put it in the turbo outlet or adapter or intake.
that turbo takes like 5 min to get off, when i had my hot air, I could take the heads off in like 2-3 hours
There is no current place to tap into the intake at. There is one plug at the front of the intake on drivers side but it only hits 1/2 of the air flow. Best place would be in the adapter.
Thanks for all the replies and help guys. Looks like im calling SMC back this week to order one of the solenoids and longer braided line.