alky injection on n/a cars


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Jan 26, 2004
Hey everybody. Im a DSM owner going to alky injection shortly. Done the research, makes sense, like what I see, gonna go for it!

BTW, congrats on having what seems like a really great group of car enthusiasts on the board. At least in this forum. Mature conversations going on.

Anywhoo....I was just wondering about the effects of alky injection on a N/A car? I was thinking that basically, it would be like just adding a much higher octane on regular c/r cars. Or, would allow you to run ridiculous amounts of c/r.

Comments? Additions?

I wasnt able to find any good resources on the web for alky + n/a. Any resources would be appreciated.

For na the norm was doing water injection. Companies like Edelbrock(varijection), spearco, aquamist, holley, etc.. made rpm based systems. To help alleviate detonation. Only benefit I could see is the ability to run higher timing than would normally be tolerated..and or compression.

I personally haven't messed with NA projects yet. but the theory is sound.

Spearco had a lengthy explanation..may want to do a little web searching.