Alky Install

Tony Shoaff

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I purchased Alky Control from Jack Cotton over the weekend. Is there anything special I need to know or find before I get started? It came with directions but Any help is good help. Thanks.
Its pretty straight forward, I would read the directions all the way through first and then get started. Alot of ppl use that kit so if you have any questions during the install just post em up.
If I can install it, just about anyone can. I got tripped up by some very minor issues with the MAP sensor wiring and the rubber washers installing onto the up pipe between the nozzle. Other than that, it's as easy as it can get.

very easy install just take your time. kinda gets crazy with all the wires under the dash once you get them all threw the firewall but just take your time and you can make one clean setup.
Solder as many connections as you can. In addition to soldering the green wire at the MAP sensor, I like to solder the wires under the dash to the crimp connectors that go on the power block, just one less thing to worry about at high boost.

If you don't have a soldering Iron, it would be the perfect time to get one, the portable butane powered ones are pretty inexpensive at HomeDepot/Lowes.

There's a rubber grommet (HVAC Control) on the firewall near the ECM, and you can drill a large enough hole in it to run the wires from the pump, MAP, & float into the car. Just use a coat hanger or some very stiff wire to pull the wires from the engine bay down into the car, there is plenty of wire to then route to the drivers side.