Alky mounting plate issues


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i made a steel plate to mount all 4 rubber pads, if i remember the pump is heavy i was consered with the 2 little screws holding the pump to the aluminum so i cut 2 groves and put a clamp around the pump to the aluminum. its tuff to be cool when your draging parts down the road.:ROFLMAO:



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Simpler fix, two pieces of flat steel, 4 1/4x1.25 nuts/bolts/washers, Pump now hangs on the 4 rubber grommets

GN bracket 1.JPG
GN bracket 2.JPG


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the pump is intended for an rv/motorhome ..the rubber feet are to prevent vibration but there to prevent the pump from vibrating and being annoying in an rv as it would be if bolted directly to the floor or wall , the rubbers were never meant to be used in a vehicle
the best method would be to mount it as you would an external fuel filter or fuel pump with clamp mounts but to keep costs down pop two of the rubbers, twist the small tabs off with pliers , use washers on both sides to reinforce and bolt it up has worked for many miles that way and on fast cars ,
Don't reinvent the wheel. This works!


I just did one of these and after seeing this post I decided to reinforce the aluminum plate. I basically piggy backed the aluminum plate with a thin piece of steel (like 18ga maybe?) from Home Depot. It's nothing more than a second layer. One side is held down to the factory bumper studs and the other side has two bolts/nuts holding it together. It basically gives 4 mounting points now instead of the two. You could hang a dump truck from this thing it ain't moving. For the two little hex heads that hold the pump to the aluminum bracket, I used a tree bit to drill holes in the steel big enough to clear those.