Alky or Intercooler

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Matthew Stuart

I have an 85 GN with all Kenne Belle add ons. Ram air. ultimate chip, TX1
turbo-cam, lifters, fresh 10-10 crank, green stripe injectors, KB Headers and exhaust, elec. fan, 160 thermo. stock turbo rebuilt
to a stage 1 by Majestic Turbo, new roller chain. This is on a motor with less than 3000 miles .060 over, new
pistons, rings and stock heads refreshed. Car only had 20k when I found it....but was not taken care of.. Been
looking at intercooling with Jay's V2 setup but already have too much $$ in this car. What is the best bang for the buck. I do not have a walbro 340 hot wired yet...but will, the
car does spark knock when it goes for high boost.. Can't determine if it is octane or fuel starvation. I only have a
error indicator tool for diagnosing. It's a beautiful car completely redone but 12,000.00 is enough. Yea right......what
ya think guys (experts)..?? I'm not looking to pull a wheel stand but a lot of rice burners in Dallas and I don't want
to be totally embarrassed!!!!! And yes some pretty vicious sounding M-stangs too.....And to think I bought a 87 T-type brand new and sold it over a woman.....OUCH!!! WHAT WAS I THINKIN????confused:
I think your best beat would be to upgrade your fuel pump before either option. This will make sure the fuel is there. This is usually the first thing recommended for any modification due to the fact the factory pump just can't keep up and it's the smart thing to do. Either option would work nicely. I know Lee has been very impressive with just running alky on his combination. The kit for the intercooler is also a nice option but you can always do this later??? Just a thought. ;)
I'd definately do the intercooler first. Then if you want to get serious you can run racegas with the intercooler instead of the benefits of racegas (alky) without the intercooler.

If you don't get the pump first though, you will blow the car up. I've never heard of anyone going .060 over. I know .040 is really pushing it. Any overheating problems?
I vote for alcohol too, like Lee.
These hot air cars are getting fewer and fewer, so what you have is getting more rare. Going faster and faster without an intercooler is not easy, but it's so damn satisfying when you do. Maybe you'd call me a purist. But I just like to work with what I have, and wringing out every last tenth of a second out of it, without radically changing how it was born at General Motors - and that was without an intercooler.

Good luck with whatever you do.
Yes guy's I am .060 over and haven't seen a difference in cooling and I do live in Dallas. But it doesn't come out from under it's cover in the garage unless it's perfect weather. Hell the damn thing isn't even inspected in Texas...I am not sure it would pass the emissions. It's just a fun car. When I do this next MOD....(intercool or alky) I will find me at least a 3 preferably a 4 core radiator and hook up some serious air flow (fans) to to the rad. and transmission cooler. I really like the sound of Jay's stuff but am like you said a little nostalgic about originality. And yet have personally felt the effect of Intercool with my 87. Even not tuned this little 85 is not far off. I know that a intercooler on this would take my 87. My problem is I CAN'T STOP if I take it to the intercool I guess I am leaning toward alky for now. It's like when I bought my first Kawasaki 900 in 1975 it spooked me at first but had to have more when the spook ran out. What am I talking about......I get spooked riding with teenagers now...!!
Hey Stuart, I'm at that same place you are. Intercooler or alky. I'm kind of liking the idea of staying a pure hot air. So I'm leaning toward alky know. My only question is, It seems like a hot air should really benefit from the cool shot of alky. But because of where we have to shoot it in, we're not getting as good of results as the intercooled. Where is the best place to inject it? I thought I remember someone injecting right before the turbo, but that sounds costly.