All American Shootout - August 9-11 2013 - Gateway Motorsports Park

I'm not sure but if I go I could bring some. I have 55 gallon drum of it in the garage

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If I come only on Sunday would I be able to make a few runs?

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1) The track has unleaded race fuel, 110 leaded, 112 leaded, and pretty sure methanol.

2) See the schedule. I am not directing the race, nor do I agree with the layout. I can not positively say that there will be time on Sunday for test & tune runs. They are trying to make this a big program, but I don't know what the expected car count will be. You can always try calling or emailing the track, but I would not expect them to answer necessarily. Or have an answer if you do get someone on the phone.
David Day ran a 10.4 and won THS.

My best was a 10.9 @ 124

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It was a very poor showing for class runs. Mr England ran, not sure of his times, and he was the only one in his class. David Day ran pretty much solo in his class.