All Florida Turbo Regal/TTA Owners Sign in here

How long have these regional sections been here. I'm here every day and never noticed. I guess I never scroll down enough!
OK.. I signed.

What do you mean 4years... I thought you just said.... Boot camp hold on a sec.... Leave tomorrow! BTW, did I mention I've smoked pot. Oh ok, Thanks you have a nice day too. :D
I'm in the North West Florida panhandle.
Between Tallahassee & Pensacola.
Yea! a regional forum, this should be interesting.
:D ~Tonya~

Well, I made it down the board finally. I'm signing in W.P.B.

I am chimeing in from callahan close to jax fl.
Me and vader 87 live pretty close to each other.
signing in

Ok, Signing in. That makes two for the Clearwater area and i know there is at least 5 others that i see in the city!!!

Signing in from Orlando. Our mailing list has another 66 TR/TTA owners. Approx. 50 of those are in Orlando, the others from Clearwater, West Palm, Ocala and Daytona.

One guy is located in St. Louis, he never makes the monthly meetings though. :)
up here in jax

just signing in from jacksonville
WE need a FL nats type event.....i think there are enough of us to pull most of fl and GA, and AL...
SUN Nationals

Does sound good? Can you see MOROSO pack with black!:D
We dont have a 1/4 mile track around here. TylerDurden, who are you and where are you??? I didnt know you were from Jax. Do you ever go racing??? What kind of car do you have???