Alluminum Bumpers

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Sep 22, 2003
It would be sweet to have strong metal bumpers w/o the weight. With out only choice between steel (safe) and fiberglass (light). We need somthing in the middle that is safe and light weight.

I have a friend that does casting stuff. I will ask how much it will cost to get the bumpers made in Aluminum.
any cast aluminum bumper would have to be so thick it'd probably weigh as much as the stock one (at least the outer skin). The stock skin is maybe 1/16" thick steel; it's not terribly heavy. It's the support behind it that adds the weight. I took a sawzall to those on my last GN and ended up with a bumper that was probably within 10 lbs of a fiberglass one.
I agree, cast would not be much of a savings. I would love to see the parts formed and stamped like some of the NOS aluminum Pontiac parts of the early 60's. Cost and numbers would not make it possible. There was a shop in Ca. that would make Pontiac formed aluminum bumpers for about $650.00. They were polished and looked great. I lost track of the shop over the last couple of years.