also cranks but doesn't fire, CCCI problem


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Apr 28, 2009
I have the same problem a lot of GN's seem to have; engine turns over, I have fuel pressure, but no spark. I've checked the crank sensor, it's installed correctly (might be bad, but I don't think so) my problem is I'm blowing the CCCI fuse as soon as the key is turned. (I believe this has something to do with the coil module) obviously something is grounded or hooked up wrong, but I can't find any info on what to look for.

The "star" grounds are hooked up to the back of the head, I have the metal ground strap from the firewall to the coil bracket, but something is causing it to short. Any ideas? Am I totally barking up the wrong tree? :confused: Thanks for any help!
Unplug the ignition module and see if it still blows the fuse. If it doesn't the problem is in the module. Take the coil pack off and see if any of the terminals are embeded in the potting material. Sometimes they short out. If everything looks ok, change the module.
unplugging the module did stop the fuse from blowing. all the terminals were really buried in that gum-like potting material. There weren't any visible signs of scortching or burning, but at least I have a much better idea on where to look. I'll try replacing the module and see what happens. Thanks for the advice
Once I took everything apart and put it back together I got spark (maybe something just wasn't seated properly) in any case, today I turned it over and I got some backfire. Not great, but a step in the right direction, now I think it's a matter of timing. Thanks again for the help! :)
Check all your wires and make sure none of your hot wires are touching any metal, i had a problem like this and it turn out my injector harness was arching on the fuel rail which it kept blowing fuses....just a thought