Altenator belt wears out quickly


kicking butt Intercooled
Nov 5, 2001
Hey guys. For some reason, i need to change my altenator belt on my car about every 3 months. I just changed it again. After about 2 months of driving, i have to tighten it. Then about a month later, it cannot be tightened anymore, cause its as far as it can go. What can be the problem here? Cheap belt? I am trying a goodyear gaterback belt ro see if it will last longer Or Could it be the harmonic balancer off or something? or maybe the waterpump pulley warn? My altenator is only 9 months old, and it did the same thing with the old one. Any suggestions?
Do you still have the AC belt on the car? IF not it's easy to get the alt belt in the wrong groove in the waterpump pulley. Do the alt and waterpump spin freely? Is the belt slipping? Oil will also make it wear out quickly.
The A/C belt is still on the car. All the belts were in the right grooves. When the belt is tightened, there is no slipping at all. Everything works good. It just ears out fast. I did however take the A/C belt off to see if that will make any difference.. I'll kee y'all posted....
Sorry, the only reason I asked if the AC was still on is because without it I've put my alt belt in it's groove on the water pump pulley.
Sounds like the belt you are using is too long. Although the stretching is wierd im almost wondering if you arent overtighteninng it to begin with. Start with the goodyear belt though, quality makes a big difference!