Alternatives to Baseline Suspensions UCA kit?


Money pit
Jun 7, 2001
So I'm in bad need of getting my instant center and pinion angle in check on my car. From my past research, it seemed my best option was to get the Baseline Suspensions UCA kit since I would be able to relocate the front mount point of the UCA's down where I need to and would also have adjustibility to set proper pinion angle. Before I go through with this, I'm wondering if there are any other options out there that I may have overlooked.

Just to be clear, my intentions are not to make my GN a drag car. My current suspension is comprised of SPC springs, Bilstein HD shocks, S10 front brakes, all poly body bushings, UB Machine tubular front UCA's, 1/2" taller balljoints upper and lower, boxed stock rear control arms with H&R poly bushings, and a homemade rear pro touring bar using a donar from a S10. I want the car to handle good and hook decent as well. Right now the rear end pulls itself right up when launching. It completely unloads. I want it to stick.
seems like the baseline kit is quite reasonable if it's going to get you the desired results. I'm about to buy a kit myself i think.
Yep works for me today too, just wanted to see what someone else had come up with since I developed my kit over 10 years ago.