Alternator/Charging Issue

A while back, about 2 or 3 years ago I had to replace the alternator for my 87 T-type. we have gone through 9 alternators ever since. I know these aftermarket alternators are not the best, some were faulty right out of the box.

However, we upgraded to a Bosch Alternator, and the most recent one worked. we tested it,and it came out to be functioning correctly. I placed a new battery in it and installed the alternator. and within about an hour or so driving the car on a full battery, and brand new working alternator, the car died. ( We replaced all the fuses in the car before hand ) After i Jumped started the car to get it back to my house i noticed the Volts Indicator came up on my dash and would slowly disappear as I got to higher RPMs, and when i would deaccelerate it would pop back up and my car would slowly begin to die. This makes me think there isn't enough amperage in the Alternator...idk

SO, Overall, my car is not keeping a charge and completely running off the battery at times. or the alternator is not charging the battery properly. or perhaps there is something else im not aware of.

I think it could either be a bad ground, or a short taking out these alternators
or perhaps there isn't enough amperage in the alternator i bought.

This is a reoccurring problem and is very hard to trace. ive gone through so many different alternators I dont know what to do at this point.

If you have any tips, or ideas on what i can do to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

or any recommended Alternators would be appreciated too. <3


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