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    Turbo t electric problem

    Im not getting no spark or injecter pulse. i put 3 new crank sensors new coil new modcule new spark plug wires new computer box new chip 60 pound injectors new fuel pump. Fuel pump pressure 44 im Getting power to the module crank sensor and cam sensor getting pow to the computer all the fuses...
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    Continuous Electrical Gremlin

    I have had an 87 gn for about a year now. I brought it from FLA to CA. Won on eBay, and been very happy with it. But….. since I’ve gotten it, I’ve been chasing this electrical gremlin since time of purchase. I’ve gone thru multiple new alternators (3) and batteries (3). The issue at the moment...
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    Help! Cigarette lighter & 3rd brake lighter not working?

    My cigarette lighter port is no longer working and now i can't use my radar detector also noticed my 3rd brake light was out. I checked all the right fuses i believe and all were good. I then changed the brake light bulb and still nothing. Has this happened to anyone else? Are these 2 outages...
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    Wastegate Solenoid Error - Code 31

    Been trying to track down this code for a bit and I'm stumped. Things I tried: Checked all fuses Tested TCC (from this post) Unplugged TCC Tested WG electrical State of the Car: 1985 T-Type Vacuum hoses are new Wastegate solenoid venting to atmosphere (T removed from PCV) Vacuum Brakes...
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    Main Ground Eyelet - Head

    Should I cut this eyelet off and replace it with a new one? It looks a little frayed and weak but I do not have (nor know if I can get) this specific eyelet beyond a generic one. The car will not stay running and I've had some other electrical "gremlins" so I am starting with the grounds...
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    Alternator/Charging Issue

    A while back, about 2 or 3 years ago I had to replace the alternator for my 87 T-type. we have gone through 9 alternators ever since. I know these aftermarket alternators are not the best, some were faulty right out of the box. However, we upgraded to a Bosch Alternator, and the most recent...
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    Tyler's 1985 T-Type Restomod

    Been racing Subarus for the last four years and wanted to get into something different. As a child of the 80s I've always loved g-bodies, so when the hunt began for a new car it took top spot on my list. Add to that my experience with FI on the subie platform and the itch had to be scratched...