Help! Cigarette lighter & 3rd brake lighter not working?


My cigarette lighter port is no longer working and now i can't use my radar detector also noticed my 3rd brake light was out. I checked all the right fuses i believe and all were good. I then changed the brake light bulb and still nothing. Has this happened to anyone else? Are these 2 outages related? I have no idea what to do next. Can anyone help me with some info. I would really appreciate any help whatsoever! Thx
I haven't, i was hoping it wasn't too technical though. I didn't wanna take it in anywhere yet because every time i do i end up spending hundreds of dollars and I'm not sure how much these 2 things are worth to me.
I made this diagram a little while doesn't seem to show what fuse connects the third eye, though. At least it might tell you what else is affected by the fuse that connects the cigarette lighter.