Brake light


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Hey all.
I recently completed the restoration of my GN and I noticed that my brake lights do not come on. However, the 3rd brake light does work fine. I am not sure how to trouble-shoot it. I assume they run of the same fuse so if it was a fuse issue then the 3rd brake light wouldnt be working either and if it was the brake sensor by the brake pedal the same would apply.

Am I correct on my assumption or is there a logic that I am missing here?

There is a ground wire that connects to the left rear wheel well and it's the ground for the rear lamps. Check that first.
The 3rd brake light is on its own circuit. But it all comes from the plunger switch above the brake pedal. It all comes to a connector in the left rear trunk well.
Here's a pic. of the connector on the column and white wire and socks that may be the problem.