Dash Brake Light Tropubleshooting


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Oct 4, 2002
Does the dash "BRAKE" light come on with initial key on for 10 seconds or so? My brake dash light does not come on with the parking brake - could also be the switch on the parking brake, I know - just want to know if the dash lights are working before I get started.
The brake lamp comes on in the "bulb test" position which is in between the key ON position and the START/CRANK position.
The key must be held in that "bulb test" position to keep it on there's no timer or anything.
If you ground the wire connector from under the car at the prop. valve, or at the back of the E brake pedal it should light, or terminal B on the power-master connector the tan/blk wire on the accumulator switch that's probably the easiest place to put a ground. Key ON test. If not it's the bulb or gages fuse or wiring to it.
I pulled the cluster and cleaned the socket/connectors and the brake light in the dash works now. It does not come on with initial key on but does come on with the parking brake applied. Must have been loose or dirty connection. Thanks for the help.