Alto master rebuilt kit question


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May 28, 2001
Alto had sent me a Alto master kit part number 043901HP this is for a TH-200/c, the correct part number is 043907HP which is for the TH-200R4. The trans guy said can still use the kit I have but missing some other parts/clutches.

What is missing that I need?
your definitely missing the the o/d clutches. I would send it back and get a complete performance master rebuild kit or call one of the supporting vendors trans guys here who sell parts. They will get you the proper boost valves, wide band, frictions servo etc... I pieced my stuff together with Chris at CK.
I'd also send it back. It will be missing O-Rings, Seals, Frictions, Steels and some Gaskets will not be correct, Pan, Pump etc...
I got the new correct kit from Alto. I have a question on servo, what do you guys reccomend?
C/K servo and he will give you a few pointers when you order it:cool: