Am I at my limit?


I have a mostly stock 86 T and I am wodering how much more room I have to play with when it comes to boost. Car has a TT street chip and maxes out at about 16-17 lbs. This has been confirmed by an aftermarket boost gauge. Other mods are exhaust(hooker), K&N filter, underdrive pulley. I have an adjustable fuel pressure regulator but have not had a chance to put a gauge on there. Car also has an aftermarket fuel pump wired directly to the bat on a switch and I believe it is inline with the stock one. Not sure though.
But back to the point...I still have the original non-adjustable wastegate and am wondering if there is another pound or two I can safely squeeze out before needing alky. Thanks.
What is ....

your knock gauge telling you? 17#'s on pump gas is a gamble, tho I'm sure eric probably has you running a little fat.
No flames.....but you will break something if you don't have the tools to properly tune your car. If you have a scanmaster or other scan tool, post your numbers.

It's very well possible that your car can run much more boost- but you need to know how the car is reacting to what you're throwing at it. It's also very possible that you're right on the edge of breaking something.

If you're not careful, the next series of posts you make will start out, "HELP! I broke ............"

Good luck!