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Since what I do for a living is computer systems I thought I would try to do something for the Amarillo car community. Ive been kicking around the idea of putting up a Website/message board for the car fanatics here. Ill take care of registration of the domain name. Been kicking around a couple of names. Give me feedback on which ones you think would be better. So far Ive checked these and they are available., and I believe all of them are also available as .org and .net as well. If we were to go with the buick one it sort of limits it to the buick owners. Feedback there.
Secondly I can host the site on a T1 so bandwidth is not a problem. One thing Im not good at is web development. I can manage the database/system stuff but cant make web pages to save my life. Anyone interested can have the job.
We can have our own for sale forums and such for the area for as many different make and models as we chose as well as any other type of forum you would like. We can also have group mailing lists as well. Pretty much anything we want I can build.
Im new to the area so what I would need help with is contacting people in the area to let them know about the site so it becomes useful to us. We could also post a calendar of events for the monthly cruise and such.

Tell me what you think.

Sounds cool!

First of all I'll admit that I dont' live in Amarillo but it's a very neat place to go. It' s only about 220 miles from me, and is the friendlyest city around. :D That is a very interesting idea that you have came up with. If you would keep the domain general for all of the cars you could bring many guys and gals together making a huge group.

Things that would be cool to see

Get togethers
Car shows

I really dont' know much about your guys' city so you'll have to find some support there. I think this a a cool idea and would be willing to help you.

You might try going to other boards to find Members in the Area. There are a few guys over on One Gentleman I believe even owns ?

Good luck on this project and as things come along give me a shout

What are some boards that we could get some Members from
The sites I know are: