Analyze my Scanmaster numbers please..


Oct 16, 2002
These are all hot idle after being driven and just installed the Powerplate..

AF 6
L8 43
INT 121-126
IAC 23
TPS .44

and I'm getting codes 22 and 44 argh!

Code 22 says tp sensor low but .42-.44 is right on at idle but at wide open it only goes to 4.00 max, what could it possibly be?

Also on the code 44 it says O2 sensor lean, could that hopefully be because I have a large turbo and stock fuel system? I don't give the car more than half throttle and the O2's stay around 800 usually so I don't see how it is running lean...

What do I need to do?
Hey can someone help me out on this..thanks :)

I've had that code 44 ever since we put the new motor in, regardless of how I run the car, and the 22 well I have no clue since I have .42 at idle, but I can't get it past 4.00 wide open engine off..are the rest of my numbers in order?
Your TPS sensor has two slots. One on the top, one on the bottom.

What you do is loosen both screws and shove the sensor torwards the front of the car. Now while pulling the TPS sensor forward lightly tighten down the screws and set your TPS to .42. Once this is set, tighten the screws and check WOT. It should be 4.5v at least.

What happens is your adjusting your TPS sensor and its too far back cuasing a low reading. Shove it forward hard, and set it.

Low O2.. that can be a whole other issue. Get your TPS set, reset your computer by unplugging the connector, and restart the car.