Anderson Performance 200 4r trans


Guys, I am switching to a th400 in my turbo TA, so I must get rid of the 200 4r in the car. It's got everything including,... hardened input shaft/drum, extra clutches, wide 2nd gear band, valve body mods, shift kit, billet servo and Stagerite manual transbrake. The car itself only has 8,000 miles on it and this trans is not the factory one. There is only about 500 street miles and about 8 dragstrip runs on the tranny. Only ran once with the transbrake. This is the best of the best out of my creampuff TTA. Like new! The car will be at Anderson Performance in the next week or so getting the swap, so pickup can be arranged once the trans is out of the car. It is not being driven anymore. Payed $2,000 less than a year ago. Asking $1,250.00. Thanks.
TTAfan could you give me Bill Andersons number? I talked to him about a month ago about making me an 4 inch intake pipe like yours. He said he would when you brought your car back to the shop. I have misplaced his number.
And I remember when all you wanted was a 12 second car...You have the speed bug ultra bad haha...Very good deal on the tranny for someone looking for one.

I finally got the trans out of the car and have it at my house. The guy who was supposed to buy it has not contacted me, so it's still available. Same deal. Same mileage on the trans. I'm In Maryland about an 1 1/2 hrs. from Anderson Performance in Baltimore. I would be willing to drive a few miles or meet someone halfway. So if your interested you can Call me at 301 991 6313. Thanks, Trent G.