Animal control

That was wrong. But funny:p

I stopped the cat problem by hitting the car with a clay bar and then some good wax. You'd see a few pawprints where the cat initially touched down and then a smudge where it slid off.
I wonder if that would work on goats...

I **** you not my neighbor across the street has two goats who perch on top of his car and minivan. I hear this thump thump thump..and they are on top of the vehicles.

I had the GN parked in the driveway Saturday so I could clean the garage and the goats came strolling up the driveway. They eyed the shiny black car as if deciding whether or not to jump to the hood and then up to the top.

I said "oh hell no!" and let one of my Border Collies out of the kennel.

I wouldn't want to toss water on the GN but maybe the hose :)
Or you could just put it in a pet taxi and give Captain Freeway a call.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: