another factory alarm question or????


I've been using the search button thoroughly but want to see if this is my prob. I have a new GN with factory alarm. I used the door key but I think the blinking yellow light remained on...the power door lock doesn't work on the passenger side so I manually opened their door. The car started fine and I let it warm up I then put it in drive and it died but lost all electrical power. No lights, no radio, no nothing. Is this related to the alarm? Is this a sort of electrical cutoff? Is there a way to reset it? I didn't get a chance to look at fuses yet because I haven't gone back done with a flashlight. Is this any easy solve or do I need to start digging? Thanks
It does not sound like the factory alarm is your problem but if you would like send me a PM I will tell you how to arm and disarm the factory alarm. Would rather not post it on the public forum as our cars are targets for theft!
Thank you. I actually left it alone to come upstairs and post my problems and when I went back down I tried the key and low and behold it worked. I also lifted the steering wheel which I had previously lowered possibly crimping a wire. No sure which one did it but it seems I got it back to normal. Thanks though, I'm sure to have many more questions