Another Hydroboost Conversion - Problem???

O.K. sure, But oddly enough, people here are buying junkyard vacuum boosters, junkyard hydroboosts, and cobbling them on. Thsis is UNSAFE in the hands of people inexperienced in brakes. Brakes are much more than "Slapping in a set of pads". I did not mention the name of my company, BTW. Readers here are buying junk, and then spend more time trying to figure out why they have MORE problems. BRAKE FAILURES can be DISASTROUS! I STARTED the Hydroboost swing here, and have offered advice for all brake problems here, free.
As an aside, I lost $40 MILLION from ex-employees who embezzled my inventory and CUSTOMER LIST to start a competing business, particularly selling REBUILT hydroboosts, claiming they were NEW. THAT is fraud. However, how does that void my knowledge or advice? Yes. I AM THE ONLY AUTHORIZED O.E. Distributor for NEW BOSCH Hydroboosts. WHY? How does that make me a bum? I would think that on this forum, some would believe Bosch's faith in MY company would bring in some respect. NO ONE here can match my 45 years, at 60-80 hours a week of working strictly on brakes on ALL vehicles could offer more thorough, and tried and true ADVICE. If so, step up.
BOSCH has sued both Hydratech and ABS in Federal Court for "Trademark Counterfeiting" and "False Advertising". It took a long time, but they are coming to defend my company.
Do I have lots of money" No. It's been a struggle because of the THEFT by my former employees. My advertising budeget is very slim.
I guess it's all about paying for an ad here. O.K. How much? How much to offer safe, quality brakes to the members here, so they have a choice of putting new units on their car, or going to the junkyard? It's their car, and their families lives at stake.


Contact Shane on becoming a vendor. It's not all that much. He will work with you.

Back to topic.
Don't forget there's the Feedback Forum for all the CRAPPY vendors that don't support their products well, even if they pay their dues. :p
When sitting in the car at idle, I can depress the brakes and feel them solid to about half way or less than if I continue to depress the pedal I can take it down to the floor. This isn't right, is it?
classic...mine does the same...i'm gonna try bleeding again, again and maybe again:frown:...however she will hold and stop pretty good.
Ok, here's an update to where I am now with this Hydroboost conversion.

With the car off I have a very good feel on the pedal. It does not go all the way to the floor. About half way.

With the car on (running), I can go about a little over half way to the floor board. However, when I depress the brakes I can hear the Hydroboost whine a little or could be the reservoir. :confused: When I go to release the pedal it seems like it springs back to me. Like a rubber band feeling that Turbonut85mentioned in one of his posts.

I bled the brakes about 3-4 times already. Manually bled them with some help.
The car seems to stop good but I have not tried an emergency one yet to see what happens. Power sterring is kindly of loud. Was hoping that would go away.

It was passed due for an inspection so since I had read that the 87's did not require an emissions test anymore, I decided to take it in for inspection. Needless to say, my car still needed to go through the emissions process this year. However, my car passed! :cool: That's without even going through a tune up of any kind for about a year. :rolleyes:

I don't know how the brake feel is suppose to be with the hydroboost so I look forward to you guys in providing your opinions/suggestions.


Rubber band feel means a partially functioning booster. Get another one. I can promise you when you try to do an emergency stop, it won't perform like it should. The pedal should be high and firm when the car is running....just like the crapmaster felt when it worked. Get a new booster. ---Keith
Ordered another one from Advance Auto to replace this one being it's still under warranty.

I will keep everyone updated.



I received the replacement from Advance Auto (my third one) and that too was bad! :mad:

When I tried an emergency stop, the pedal went to the floor! :rolleyes:

I thought about getting another one but I sat on it until I came across for sale on ebay. A used one from an 84. Won it for $46 bucks. :D

Installed it today and it works awesome!c:biggrin: I just wished I didn't have to go through it that many times. Guess I will call Advance to send a return label and get my money back.

I can use some better shoes so I will replacve those and re-bleed just to be safe. By the way it also seems like this one does not whine nowhere near like the other one.

Glad it's over as I would like to try out at the track soon!

Thanks for the help!

Interesting thread.

I used a 84 & turned it in at Advance Auto to get lifetime warranty & have had no issues. Sometimes it is disappointing to read about others having issues.

I had issues with the PM from Advance, however, after about 3 of them, they did get a good one.