Another PM Question


Gotta Love That BOOST!
Oct 6, 2003
Hi all...Heres my question...The powermaster on my regal is starting to pi## me off....When I first turn the key on the brake light is on for about 5 secs...Start the car and I can hear the pump running for about 1-2 sec. then shut off....Without touching the brake pedal...It likes to run in quick little bursts...My question is do you think it could be the accumulator ball or something else internally???? It doesn't run constantly but it can't be good to have it run alot like this????

When driving the car when you first start it and hit the brakes the light will come on for a split second... But everytime you even touch the pedal the pump will run......Any ideas????????????
probably the accummlator ball or it could be an internal leak.probably be cheaper to just go with a vacuum setup.:D
Yeah I'm thinking vacuum setup...I can switch it over for about $250.00 from my local auto parts store....