Another Scan Tool Question


Matthew Stuart

I am trying to find out what the data output limits are on the scanmaster hooked to the 84/85 ecm. This car will probably never see the track, but I would like to get a good tune on it. I've read all the strings you all have been sending out, but have yet to find what kind of data the SM will put out for the 84/85 ecm.
The Scanmaster does not currently support the 84/85's

Most guys are switching to 86/87 ECMs

I am considering adding 84/85 to the scanmaster.

That would be great Bob. I like the idea of not having to find a laptop, purchasing the software ie...TL and having the laptop in the way. Like I said not going to be at the track every weekend but would like have a compact unit like the SM in the cockpit. If you have any idea when and if you do this I would appreciate. Starting to get nice outside and I am about ready to start turning wrenches again and I want to be able to tune one way or another. Thanks for your reply.
I'm pretty buried, I feel certain that sometime before mid-summer
I can get this done. I'll let the forum know when it happens.

If you do the 86/7 ecm swap, you won't need a laptop, purchasing software, etc...You just buy the Scanmaster and you're done...

You can do the swap for less than $75, if you watch prices when buying the parts...