another W


Mar 13, 2015
With the nearest track being over 2 hours away and my lack of trailer, I am forced to improvise. We have a couple streets in my area far from residential areas and really anything for that matter, but that's about it.

about two weeks ago, i was put in contact with a guy who was looking to see where his car stood. His car is a ZL1 Camaro. For those unaware of what that is, they (the newer ones) are a fifth gen Camaro with a 6.2 liter LS motor equipped with a 1.9 liter supercharger. The motor is called an LSA and is similar to what comes in the ZR1 corvette and Cadillac CTS-V.

We met up one night and negotiated our way into an 1/8th mile pass. I had him under the impression that this would be beneficial to him due to the torque his car makes off the line. We did our burnouts and lined up. I had just put a set of slicks on and made some test passes earlier so i knew i could come up on the trans brake and leave at 10psi without that's what i did.

I immediately gapped him off the line, but my MAF pipe disconnected and my car instantly ran like crap. I ended up coasting the last 330' of the run and was still able to get him by 2 cars. It wasn't pretty, but I got paid and didn't destroy the car, so I guess I had that going for me.