Anti Sway Bar sliding around?


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I installed a anti sway bar and noticed the bar was sliding to one side after driving a short distance. The bar moved a couple inches to the drivers side. I did not run the car hard just some slow driving.
Any idea what this indicates? I did notice the car is about 3/4 inch higher on the pasenger side that I can correct with the coilovers.
Sure makes a huge difference in manners on the street compared to stock style sway bar.
The instructions made no mention of type of lube for the poly bushings. Should I use a particular lube ?
Who's bar is it?? If it's got poly bushings you will want to use a good silicone based synthetic lube for sure.
It's a BMR anti sway bar. I drove it a few miles then put it up on the rack and noticed the bar had moved a good 2 inches. Maybe the bar is supposed to have the mount brackets all the way to the bend in the bar. The bar wouldn't move at all if the bends were starting just past the poly mount. If the car slides either way the bend would butt up against the poly mount and stop the sideway movement?
Guess I will call BMR and find out. Thanks on the synthetic lube also
I called BMR and they said if the mounts are not real close to the turn in the bar it will walk side to side. Guess thats why HR makes and sell collars for their sway bar application. Almost anything will keep it from sliding. You can use a hose clamp to keep it in place.