Any AK collectors here?


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Jan 27, 2015
Any AK collectors here?? Might be parting with a very rare Norinco 86s Factory Bullpup. Never been shot. Imported only 1500 from what I've read.
Holy Crap!!! $3+K for a Chinese firearm?

I remember when $100 bought an SKS plus a crate of 1K rounds.
Depends upon what you consider to be old. Chinese weapons didn't usually enter the US until the 90's.
Do some reading on the norinco 86s bullpup. It's interesting.....before 1990. And anything older than me is old.....I'm 44
That's funny I just wiped down all my kids and found 2 Romanian sky that I paid 80 a piece for back in the mid 90s. There going for 300 350 now. Crazy. I'm not sure on that Sale for the bullpup. She's been in the family since 1999
No offense, but that is one ugly firearm! Currently holding my brothers' Steyr AUG in the safe, by far the ugliest of the guns in there. And I AM old, old enough to appreciate the conventional "mag forward" design and wood furniture...
Sometimes u have to think outside the box bro. Bullpups were designed for a specific roll in combat. That is what makes them so intriguing. I have 5 different bullpups and carry a FNH PS90 in my squad.
My youngest son (almost 18) is in the market for an AK , I don't know squat about them. He is looking for something with wood furniture if anyone has something like this ....

One thing you will find about aks is that prices are all over. From 350.00 to 3000k. You will have some guys tell you to only buy one with milled relievers. I'll say either one will outlast any other gun u have. They are brutal but reliable. Obviously the higher on the price end the better fit and finish. Good luck with the purchase
just sold an early Sile, NY imported Norinco AKM-47S. Ive owned a bunch of Chinese AKs and IMO they are the best bang for your buck when it comes to this particular weapon system. I posted this on a local gun forum and am going to paste it here as to why the Chinese guns are so desirable...

"better triggers, receivers are thicker, 1.5mm vs 1mm on most AKMs as well as having thicker barrels. The Chinese AKs were made at factories (using the word factory loosely) that had a history of producing military grade weapons...80% of the AKs in the US were assembled or in some way modified by CIA (century) contractors...who often times just honey badgered the guns together. The Chinese guns (including mak-90s) were made from NEW parts and numbers matching upon importation...unlike once again the century guns that are mismatched parts from big bins of scrapped worn out rifles. On top of that they were blued and beautiful...about every AK you buy today has poop bbq black coating. And the icing on the cake is they don't make them anymore...demand for AK variants has been huge the past handful of years and the supply (of Chinese guns) is stagnant."