any chance of fitting 4" in the kicker pannels?

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Regal on Icel

Right now my car stero is pretty screwy, the guy who had the car before me tried to do some pretty wacky things with the stero, and i'm not too advanced in my knowlage of stero's ,but i'm doing my best as to cleaning up split wires and such. Right now i've got a high end sony tape deck in the car (until i can save up for a decent cd player) and some pioneer speakers in the back, which are working okay.

I've got some blaupunk 4" PCxg402 speakers laying around that i'd like the throw into the kicker pannels. However, the speaker is too deep to fit into the driver side slot. Is there anything i can do to get the speaker to fit in there, or am i going to have to find some shallower 4" speaks, or maybe 3.5". It sticks out about a quarter to a half an inch too much, and i don't think i could stick the speaker anywhere else in that general area, but i dunno, maybe there's somthing i'm overlooking.
You probally have to go with custom made kick pannels or the pre-made ones from Q-logic or Audioforms.

And also the pass. side the computer is there.
I'm gonna guess you are meaning the plastic panel just in front of the door, people always seem to refer to different "areas" when they say kick panel. The car's computer is housed in the passenger side kick panel, so unless you wanna relocate the computer it wouldn't be a good spot UNLESS you install some of the Q-forms kick panel pods.

Doug C.
I've got a normal 1984 buick regal limited, so the plastic pannel has plenty of room on the passenger side of the car, the conflict is the metal cut out on the driver side.