Any new mounting options for ls3 coils

the wrath

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Sep 29, 2002
I have a tr6 and ls3 coils I can't find any bracket to mount them. Only the smart coils.
Have you looked at Cruz performance?
IT’s a little hard to hind on his website but it’s there
Yes you are correct smart coils on the valve cover and at onetime he had LS on valve cover
He has LS coil mount behind the intake might call if you need on the valve cover
Someone had a mount for on top of the TR6
Brian Lorenz had a cool set up in BG. Mounted to stock ignition module/coil bracket
what valve covers do you have? I have some ideas for some brackets
I skipped the brackets and used simple spacers with drilled/tapped holes into my Champions. Just be cognizant of the depth of screws as to not interfere with the valvetrain.
bought a set of brackets from cal hartline years ago to mount ls coils on gn1 valve covers,with spacers used the factory valve cover bolts,perfect fit,tr6 and coil on plug changed the sound of the idle and has been trouble free,junkyard coils and msd wires,no problems
They likely are very similar to Cal's, I got the pattern from a guy that "made one from scratch", so I don't think its a direct copy (but it might be).

If you have access to a plasma table that might be an easy route. Expensive to make 1, cheap (relatively) to make a bunch. Keep in mind that aluminum will corrode, and steel will rust.
So how fast has anyone run with stock coils? Are better coils a required upgrade? Bling? Or are stock coils not available?
Tim it's going to be a situation where its just a choice/preference in most cases.
will Tim I had that green crap growing on my plugs on most of my ignition parts. I had no misfires but was not wanting to take a chance. I put the TR6 and truck coil on But I have herd people say you can go deep in the 10 stock stuff.
The LS coils will be a TR6 box and a extra harness. You get away from the wasted spark But that no big deal.
Glad to see you got your running today
But I have herd people say you can go deep in the 10 stock stuff.
Mid 9's with my street turd at 143.. Stock ignition, 26-27# boost.
However, I didn't try 40# boost, either. Not sure what the stock ign would do @ that level.
The problem I see now is the availability and quality of replacement parts.