Any one running the LT1 alternator w/larger case?


May 26, 2001
I have one and tried to fit it to the 86-87 configuration but the case hits the accessory bracket near the alternator pivot bolt. It looks like a little grinding to the bracket would make it clear. Anyone have any experience with this?
little grinding on the rib of the tensioner , thats how i got my 140A LT1 alternator to fit , might have been able to push down on the alternator enogh to slide the other bolt in at the metal bracket but i didnt want to stress and possibly break the hard to find tensioner

youll also need to split the ring terminal on the battery wire and open it up so it will fit the larger post onthe LT1 alternator , or drill it out

there is a smaller case LT1 105A that fits nicely , less weight
Mine cleared at the tensioner but touched the top of the ac compressor so I filed on it a little and it fit fine. I think I also had to drill out the top outside bracket hole. Mine was threaded for a smaller bolt so I drilled it to match the stock through bolt.
I ended up grinding a small notch in the "corner" of the alternator and this gave me the clearance I needed. There is plenty of meat there to grind on. Thanks for the replies.