Any reason to keep the retainer clip on the actuator?

Mine doesn''t have one at all and it never comes off. A buddy of mine took his off but the rod wont stay on for one pass. If you take it off keep it handy just in case it won't stay on.

Use the round clip on your cruise controler cable, over on the DS inner fender,,, it's the same size ID. It's like the clip on the throttle body cables and is easy to get on and off. Then just put the one on the actuator on the cruise control.:)
The alligator clip is easier to remove when the turbo is hot.

Then again, there is always duct tape and caulk.

I think this is more of a bailing wire application if you ask me.

Seriously, use an alligator clip from Radio Shack. I even crimped a wire to it with a crimped on "hoop" electrical connector on the other end and screwed it into the inner fender well on the passenger side by the battery. That way if I drop the alligator clip the wire keeps it from falling to the ground.