any turbo Buick meets in hudson valley ny?

I was thinking of getting one together on 9G in Hyde Park at Clancy's ... its right next to the zipline place they are open all year round and the food is very good if you are interested we can get something going its a homemade ice cream/ restaurant. I was thinking of friday nights
Yea That Would Be Cool. Ill See How Far Hyde Park Is from mE, Probably Atleast An Hour. Do You Know Any other Local Turbo Buick Owners?
I can count the ones I have seen up here on less that one hand including mine I know Louie has one I believe he is in Fishkill
the season never ends I take my car out all year round unless its raining or snowing so anyone that is interested in a meet you can always bring your daily driver
I would be down for a meet my car is a daily driver for now, well atleast till i paint it, then it might be in my shop for awhile

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...let me know if you guys get together. If I can get away I'll come down. I'm 40 mins away.......weekends are the best time for me! I drive mine too; I ain't saving them for nobody (lol).....