Anybody from Wolcott/Waterbury


May 28, 2001
Just want to throw this out. Does anyone on this board live in Wolcott or Waterbury CT? There is some guy out in my neck of the woods that I see about once a week in a GN. Looks to be very well taken care of.
Ain't me but my WE4 is at Veronas' Pizza near the Marion Post Office most everday at lunch time.

Not well taken care of either. ;)
That's down at the bottom of Southington Mt? I see this guy up at the top by the 7-11 on Meriden Rd. I usually see him in the evening while walking the pooch. I've seen him trying to get on to Meriden Rd one. He started to pull out and a car came up fast on him. He got on it before he got rearended, of course breaking the tires loose, sideways :cool:

Gotta talk to him when he's stopped and tell him about the message boards on-line.

Yup bottom of the mountain, good Pizza too!

Wood fired brick oven, thin crust. mmmmmm :)

Haven't seen the car you have mentioned although there are a few I see in bargain news for sale occasionally from Waterbury.