anybody have a good 109 block?

I believe "TurboTerrorV6" has a 109 block that he was selling. Send him a PM, he is local.
He is currently in the hospital. Send him a message on facebook, he is responding, he may just have just not seen your message. I will PM you his facebook info amd let him know you are trying to contact him
This isn't what you are looking for but I have a 109 block that had a piston pin come loose and put a deep gouge in the cylinder wall. The hole can be sleeved but the rest need .040 over (currently .030) so it needs some work. 40$ and I help load it. I also have 5 out of 6 TWP .030 pistons if you have any interest.
Updating. Still looking. Have had a few offers but most our out of my price range or people not willing to ship
I've got 2 std bore blocks
1 .020 fresh from machine shop
1.030 fresh from machine shop
And 3 built ones ready to ship.
Let me know if I can help

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How many do you need.

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